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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New DS Card Adapter

Natrium42 has designed a card adapter that fits directly into the DS cartridge slot. Check it out here.

narium42's says:

The card adapter is not a really a card reader. It basically just leads the internal card connections of the DS to the outside so that I can connect them to a FPGA. To test this card adapter, I connected it to the card slot that I made before. Then I inserted the SM64 card. Since I was able to play that game all electrical connections were fine.

So what you see in the picture is the NDS, card adapter, card slot, SM64 card. It's the test setup I just described.

On another note, I am able to read cards by connecting the card slot to a microcontroller board (no DS involved). In that case I am using a modified dumpds (written by DarkFader) and a simple program for the microcontroller to interface with the card.

I am still waiting for my FPGA devkit which will allow me to
1. Intercept the data that is sent to the DS card.
2. Inject my own code into the DS a la DarkFader's passthrough. This will allow me to run arbitrary code just like DarkFader is currently able to.


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