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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

DSLinux Updates

First of all, I have written ChaosKnight about his absence and have received a responce. He writes:


Actually a lot of things have come up in my life/real job that have
been preventing me from doing much of anything. I'm actually in the
process of moving so I only have internet access from my job at the
moment. Other than that I'm also actively involved in actually making
a game. =)

more details later.

Also, DaysSinceTheDoor stumbled upon a great blog by a DS game developer. The blog gives a lot of insight to the DS hardware.
Here's a quote to ponder, even though I'm not sure how valid it is:
The anecdote I keep on telling him is that the 1MHz Commodore 64 required a 100MHz 486 to be emulated at full speed in a cycle-accurate manner with a VERY well-optimized emulator (which I know the Nintendo devkit one isn't), and that didn't even cover the I/O subsystem. By that rule of thumb, the DS would need about a 20GHz P4. It runs like s*** on my 3.8GHz dual P4 because a 3.8GHz dual P4 simply can't emulate it fast enough.
Link to blog
Link to Forum Discussion


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