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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Basic DSLinux GUI

suse_geek and I have been working on a basic GUI to accompany DSLinux. The idea behind it is that if we are unable to port X atleast we will have a functioning user interface, rather than just a shell. This is intended to be a temporary solution. I know it sounds odd to work on a GUI before the actual port has been completed, but I wanted to contribute to the development in some way. The GUI uses dialog, which is a utility meant to perk up shell scripts. To check out our work, try the newest code on this thread. You must have dialog downloaded and installed for it to work. Remember that this is just a simple design and will be greatly modified if/when it is included with DSLinux.

Thanks to suse_geek! He started (and continues) to build onto the script and introduced me to working with bash and dialog.


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