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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Summary of the Interview

The interview with ChaosKnight in IRC was very informative. Thanks to everyone who joined in. Here are a couple questions of interest.For the entire log visit this thread

MeGaBiTe1: What do you think about marketing and distributing DSLinux to gaming companies?

Answer:As far as marketting and distributing DSLinux, I feel that it would have to be at a very mature level to be able to distribute it. As far as profit, that is out of the question completely. It would be nice to see a cart though. Although I doubt it would ever come to that level of maturity.

Blanks05: To upload software to your DS, don't you have to have a certain chipset for your wireless router in order to find the DS and then upload software to it? Or are people finding ways to get all chipsets to find the DS? do you think that eventually it will work universally?

Answer: The method they are using now works with (I believe) an Atheros based wireless NIC and a heavily modified version of AirJack. A driver would have to be written for each chipset to enable this functionality. But don't go and buy an Atheros based card just yet.

MeGaBiTe1:What do you think of Hoss's statement about an initial release of DSLinux being out in February?

Answer: I was not in total agreement with everything in the interview with Hoss, and that was one of the things. February may be overly optimistic.

MeGaBiTe1: Do you have any recommendations for the forums? Or maybe how we should devide ourselves to work on different things?

Answer: My only recommendation is for people to educate themselves. Nothing ever happened by waiting for it to happen. So learn some things and start taking an active part. In my opinion, you got Metriod free for a reason... to take it apart.


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