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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Different Approach to Homebrewing

On the boards, a new member named ears brought up a possible method of executing your own code on the DS that I found interesting. His plan is very similar to the Mechassault Exploit for XBOX.
FTM is the acronym for the DS game Feel The Magic XY/XX

Here is what he said:

Apparently if you insert a GBA cart into the back along side FTM you unlock hidden features.. If some one was to get a unencrypted rom dump, we could see the file structure and how the DS calls up the GBA slot and what file it searches for/executes. Since we can Flash the GBA cart, when we find out what file the ds looks for we could write an expliot and flash the gba cart with it under the same filename that FTM executes for hidden content. Thus the game would execute the File and comprimize the game system, although i have no idea about the abilities of this system i just thought i might post this idea.


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